Karma Korner

Welcome to the Karma Korner at Yoga4All.  Karma Yoga is known as the path of selfless action and selfless service.  The staff at Yoga4All believes in following this path and supporting the community we hold dear.  We came together to develop Karma Korner.  Four times a year the staff at Yoga4All will pick a non-profit organization or cause for our yoga community to help through donations or other needed assistance.  At Karma Korner we will keep you posted as to how you can join us in the fun, an update on our progress towards reaching our goals, deadlines, news updates and pictures.  Visit Karma Korner often to find out how you can be a part of our Karma Yoga!


Whitney is working on a project to collect used yoga mats. We’d love your help!

My name is Whitney James and I am a Junior at Largo High School. I am currently working on a project to raise funds and collect supplies for a local children’s yoga and mindfulness program that I think you would like to be a part of.

As you are aware, yoga and meditation practice is not only physically beneficial, but is a mental and spiritual practice as well. Teaching children life-long skills such as meditation, mindfulness, stress-management, and emotional regulation has an immediate and direct effect on their well-being and personal growth. My mom, Amanda James, a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher, taught me mindfulness, meditation, and yoga from a very young age and I use those skills today to cope with stressors in my daily life as a teenager. I’d love for more children to have the same opportunity that I had. And this is my reason for writing to you today.

The program I am raising funds and supplies for is called Mindfulness and Yoga and its mission is to provide mindfulness programming to children, and to guide them to discover outlets that help them with self-development and internal growth. The program was founded by Harris Ambush of the University of Southern Florida. The program functions out of 6 local elementary schools and involves between 75 and 100 students currently. The cost of each student to be a part of this program each year is approximately $120, which includes a mat, teacher instruction, and insurance.


Yoga4All has a decorated box at the studio to collect new and used mats, as well as a jar to collect monetary donations.

This project will run through the end of April, so if you have any used mats to share, we’d love to have them!

Thank you for your help! Please share this email with your friends!