IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist

200 Hour Practicum/Mentorship

Required program for grandfathering with IAYT as a Certified Yoga Therapist.

As of January 2014, IAYT will allow yoga therapy certification only to those who graduate from schools offering 1000 hours of training.

**Note: Students who choose to complete the 500 Hr Transformation Yoga Therapy and mentorship program will attend all 15 weekends listed in our 500 Hour Teacher Training and complete a 200 hr practicum in 2015 for an additional fee of $860. (Please note this price is
discounted from the standard $1000 for this program and includes an additional manual)

***Note: Should a student enrolled in the 500 Hr Transformation Yoga Therapy and mentorship program miss the Elise Miller workshop #1, another local weekend will be approved for a make-up.

The Practicum/ Mentorship segment:

  • To be started in 2015 and completed in 6 months – 1 year.
  • Each candidate will be asked to teach 3 private sessions to 10 different people who
    require yoga therapy following a predetermined protocol including guidance,
    feedback and evaluation from their mentor. Est. total time 120 hours.
  • Candidates will also be asked to create two – 6 week therapeutic series to be reviewed,
    adjusted and then delivered to a minimum of 6 students. One series will be on
    the topic of Back Care, the second series will be a therapeutic topic chosen by
    the student. Protocol will be pre-determined. Est. total time 60 hours.
  • Grand total 200 hours.

Grandparenting for Certified Yoga Therapists as defined by IAYT.

Most of the current yoga therapist programs of IAYT member schools are 300 hour programs with a minimum admission requirement of a 200 hour teacher training. The following guidelines thus principally apply to these and similar programs.

Graduates, as well as current and prospective students of these 300 hour yoga therapy programs, will be required to demonstrate an additional 150 hours of training and/or experience for grandfathering. More specifically: a minimum of 150 hours of mentored yoga therapy practicum through their school, over and above the minimum 300 hours of training.

The 300 hour programs must cover a wide range of principles, techniques and applications of yoga therapy (sometimes called general or full spectrum programs) and not be limited to a single or limited focus, e.g., yoga for depression, or limited in scope to a single or limited number of techniques, e.g., yoga Nidra (sometimes called specialty programs).

This grandparenting of graduates of a 300 hour program will extend to graduates who start their program at least by December 31, 2013.