At Ease. At Home.

We’ll be the first to admit – venturing into the world of digital, streaming yoga classes is daunting! Hours of research, shopping, and trial-and-error, plus the patience of our students and flexibility of our teachers have come together in the creation of our “new normal”. And while it was a bit awkward at first and there are still a few technical glitches, we think Y4A has created a strong schedule of classes to keep you mentally and physically healthy. We hope you think so, too!
If you are still unsure about turning your living room into a yoga studio, or if you still feel a bit weird about the whole thing, here are some ways to get comfy with yoga at home:
  • Props: Most of us don’t have bolsters and blocks at home but never fear! Use a necktie, bathrobe strap, towel or scarf for a strap. Grab a footstool, box of wine, or duct tape a stack of books together for a block. Blankets, pillows, and towels work for bolsters. Don’t have a yoga mat? No problem! Practice on your carpet for a bit of cushion. Take one of your single socks (crew or knees socks work best) and fill it about 1/3 full of rice, tie a knot at the top and you’ve got an eye pillow for savasana. Pro-tip: keep it in the freezer for a cooling experience as the days get hotter.
  • Environment: You can create the experience you want! Looking for a mini-vacation during your practice? Play some Hawaiian music in the background and light a pineapple scented candle. Need to blow off some steam? Crank loud music. You are in control of the room’s temperature, lighting, ambience…it’s truly a personalized experience! Wear your usual yoga clothes, stay in pajamas, rock your robe. It is totally private because no one else in class can hear you and you can choose to turn off your camera, too! And pets! Your pets are invited to join you for the class, or maybe just for a post-savasana cuddle session.
  • Instruction: Often in studio classes, your teachers wander the room, adjusting students’ postures and observing the class. In the streaming classes, the teachers are usually moving through the postures right with you so you can really see how the teacher adapts his/her own practice in real time. Our instructors have also tightened up their instructions and cues to keep you safe and strong from a distance.
Explore more about wellness, the physiology of yoga, the science behind the practice, and the peaceful power that yoga cultivates in ourĀ classes, Y4A’s unique workshops, and on our Facebook page.

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