Kids Yoga for kids ages 2-4

Kidding Around Yoga is a fun and natural way for kids to exercise, relax, focus, and strengthen the body/mind/spirit connection in a very playful way! We offer music, games, dancing, laughter, activities, and all sorts of fun yoga poses that help kids build confidence, nurture creativity, and find peace… all while kidding around. These classes are taught by Anita Fedigan and Cassie Dixon, both licensees with Kidding around Yoga.  They are offered a semester at the time and may be purchased through the yoga4all website retail store.  For more information contact Anita at 239-810-3306.

Music for You and Me Together for Tots ages 2-5

A pioneer in early childhood music and movement education, Music Together offers classes for children from birth through kindergarten, in  which parents and caregivers actively participate. Collene McGrath, a fully trained, registered Music Together teacher leads groups of six to twelve children and their parents or caregivers (nannies, babysitters, grandparents, or relatives) in forty-five minutes of music and movement experiences. Each weekly class offers a dozen songs and rhythmic rhymes, including fingerplays, small- and large-movement activities, and instrument play. This class is  scheduled directly through Collene by semester so call her at 813-728-2695 to find out when her next session begins.