Mind Full or Mindful?

Mindfulness has been in the news A LOT in the last few years – and with good reason! Science has shown that a mindfulness practice can:
  • promote empathy
  • enhance self-compassion
  • decrease stress and anxiety
  • improve general quality of life
Sounds good, doesn’t it? And the best part is you can start a mindfulness practice right now! It’s simple, powerful, requires no equipment, and is quite portable. Mindfulness simply means being aware of what is happening inside and outside without trying to change it.
Here’s an easy mindfulness practice: Name Three. Sitting right where you are, name 3 sounds you can hear. Name 3 sensations you are physically feeling. Name 3 things that are blue (or brown, or green, etc.). Just by stopping your endless loop of thoughts for a brief moment to observe what is happening right now gives your mind a chance to reset so you can go back to your normal routine, but hopefully with a bit of added peace. The more you practice mindfulness, the stronger those “muscles” become. Click HERE for some one minute mindfulness activities (sometimes called Brain Breaks).
Explore more about wellness, the physiology of yoga, the science behind the practice, and the peaceful power that yoga cultivates in ourĀ classes, Y4A’s unique workshops, and on our Facebook page.

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