Set a New Year’s Drishti

It’s that time again – time to re-evaluate our year and set resolutions for 2021. We start out strong and determined, but then life gets in the way and our resolutions fall by the wayside. Resolutions are daunting because they are inevitably about change, what we must change about our situations or ourselves.
What if this New Years Eve, we don’t set resolutions? What if, instead, we set our drishti?
In yoga, drishti is a focal point. For example, in Tree Pose, we might look at a spot on the floor a couple feet in front of us. Gazing at a drishti helps us find our balance and gives us opportunity to concentrate. With a clear, defined drishti, we can come back into our center when our minds wander and our bodies wobble. A drishti keeps us present, grounded, and authentic (in postures and in real life off the mat).
What might your drishti be for 2021? Remember that what you choose to focus on is where your energy will go. Choose wisely! Will your drishti be celebrations? Strength? Balance? Wisdom? Patience? What quality to you want to focus on (not a number on a scale or an amount in a bank account)?
Here are a few tips from CorePower Yoga for staying in focus (notice how these tips work ON the mat and OFF it, too):
  • Stay present in the moment. Remember to stop and have gratitude for where you are now. Don’t get so fixated on the destination that you forget to enjoy the journey.
  • Forgive the wobbles. Keeping focus and balance is hard. You’re going to wobble (or even fall!) from time to time. That’s okay. Take a deep breath and focus on finding your drishti again.
  • Meditate on it. Take a few minutes every day to refocus on your drishti. Remember why you set your intentions for the New Year and show gratitude to yourself for the effort you’re putting in.