Tai Chi Classes

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Our classes combine Tai Chi and Chi Kung, both designed to contribute to increased strength, health and longevity. The techniques shown can be modified for any level of student. These classes requires no special clothes or equipment, only the desire to significantly improve your health.

Tai Chi is both an external and an internal martial art, suitable for men and women, young and old, which stresses the natural cultivation of internal energy (chi). Practicing Tai Chi on a regular basis calms the mind, increases energy, improves balance, reduces stress and develops a strong yet flexible body through gentle movements. The slow movements are accomplished in ways that do not strain muscles, over activate the heart, nor result in excessive exertion. Tai Chi is often referred to as a moving meditation, which requires intense concentration of every movement. A person’s health results from the inseparable unity of mind and body and thus should be exercised together.

Chi Kung (alternatively spelled chi gung or qigong) is a form of gentle exercise composed of movements that are repeated a number of times which increase the movement of blood, lymph and fluid around the joint.  Practicing Chi Kung builds awareness of how the body moves through space often offering improvement in balance. Chi Kung involves not only external movement but the internal movement of chi which may foster relaxation and a quietness  of the mind to improve your health.

Beginners always welcome. All students must register in advance.  Our class meets every Tuesday. See the schedule below.