Restorative Acu-Yoga Seminar

The practices of acupuncture and restorative yoga are two of the most healing gifts from two ancient cultures, China and India. Combined together, the fusion of these modalities free up stagnant energies within the physical, emotional, and mental bodies and bring the body mind and spirit to a place of health and balance. Join Dr. Stone for this healing, opening experience. No prior acupuncture or yoga experience is necessary. Susan will meet with you individually for a brief history and consent prior to the workshop. Non-needle acupuncture and magnets will be used. Limited to 10 participants. Pre-registration required. No refunds 24 hours prior to event. Late registration and walk-in permitted on a space available basis only with instructor permission.

Limited to 10 students. Must prepay by March 1st to guarantee your place.

Integrated Therapy for Pain Management

ETPS℠ Neuromechancal Therapy is the world’s first integrative therapy developed exclusively to fight pain.

The theoretical underpinnings of ETPS℠ therapy are based on sound medicine, firmly grounded in the concepts of acupuncture, modern neurology, microcurrent stimulation and myofascial release (muscular relaxation) techniques. ETPS℠’s unique contribution to pain relief comes from the synthesis of these different approaches, combining the therapeutic ‘pearls’ of these different therapies into easy-to-use protocols.

By following the recommended protocols, physicians/therapists are able to identify anatomical areas most responsible for contributing to a patient’s pain condition. Areas deemed ineffective in producing positive therapeutic responses are eliminated from future treatments. Areas producing positive responses are examined diagnostically to determine interrelationship(s) with the patient’s condition and are integrated into future protocols. Using this approach, ETPS℠ can produce superior results over traditional pain therapy techniques in a fraction of the time. All without drugs, side effects, pads or gels.

ETPS℠ has been a remarkable success in the fight against chronic pain. The results are so impressive using this approach, that complete or substantial relief from pain may often occur in the first or second treatment. Most patients require 2-10 treatments for permanent results, with some chronic patients requiring ongoing treatments in the home setting. ETPS℠ can be individualized to any patient’s needs and applied non-invasively in almost any setting, indoor or out, usually within 5-15 minutes. ETPS℠ stimulation is significantly more effective than any other therapies offered on the marketplace, decreasing recovery time by over 80%.

For more information on how ETPS℠ can help you better manage and reduce your pain, contact our Acupuncture Physicians or purchase a session.

ETPS℠ protocols bridge many different treatment philosophies to provide therapeutic responses where other modalities fail to achieve successful results. Because it is effective in the diagnosis of root causes of pain, ETPS℠ therapy can serve as an invaluable tool to all health professionals in their efforts to substantiate current treatment and as an integrative tool for current protocols.