Just Breathe

According to Swami Vidyananda of Integral Yoga, your breath is your most powerful form of stress-management. A deep, mindful breath sends a message to your brain via the vagus nerve that you are safe. In turn, your brain sends a message back to your body to release calming, settling hormones. So it is physiologically impossible to experience a stress response while taking long, smooth breaths. Your breath really is a super-power!
Plus, deep breaths are your body’s way of cleaning out your lungs. Think of your lungs as a swimming pool. The shallow breathing that you do most of the time works to simply skim the surface of your lung-pools. The walls and bottom stay filmy, or even covered in algae. It takes deep, diaphragmatic breathing to clean out the depths of the lungs.
Not sure if you are taking long, deep, belly breaths? Try this. Sit up tall and place your hands near your waist, feeling your lowest ribs under your fingers. Now try to take a breath that fills that lowest part of your lungs (it may feel like you are filling your belly). Your hands will feel your lungs expand front to back, left to right, and top to bottom. Only after you fill the bottom of your lungs do you continue to inhale to fill all the way up to your collarbones. Pause at the top and let your lung tissue stretch. Then smoothly and slowly exhale through your nose from the top of the lungs to the bottom, so the space under your hands is the last to release. Your exhale should be so slow that you wouldn’t blow out a birthday candle with the air being released from your nose. Try that breath at least two more times. And then set an alarm to take three deep, mindful breaths every hour. It’s good for your mental health AND for your physical health, too.
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Ease Into the New Year with Breath and Meditation

With Sandi Teresi, E-RYT and TriYoga Certified Teacher. Practice various Breath and Meditation techniques to reduce the Holiday Season stress and move into the New Year peacefully. Breathing techniques can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, ease anxiety and even boost your mood whether you practice yoga or not. Various styles of Meditation will be covered and a group Meditation practiced. Workshop is appropriate for beginners, advanced students or those who have never practiced yoga, breath or meditation. Sandi has practiced and taught yoga for over 25 years and enjoys a daily Meditation practice.

Breath and Healing Meditation

Basic Meditation Instruction will be provided. You choose the healing focus: self, specific health challenge, another person and/or the Universe. Beginners welcome! Let’s bring our energies (light) together for HEALING!! Meditation and Breath Guides are Yoga4All instructors Lisa Recchione and Sandi Teresi.