Yoga – A Therapeutic Series for Runners/Athletes

Join Heather Overton, eRYT200, Experienced Personal Trainer for this therapeutic yoga workshop designed specifically for the athlete in you. Since athletes tend to push ourselves to the limits, find balance in this workshop which focuses on the specific needs of athletes and runners. This therapeutic sequence will help relieve tension in overstressed and overworked muscles. Learn to stretch properly to enhance performance and keep your body healthy. Regardless of your exercise routine, this is one not to be missed. Receive a copy of the sequence to improve your home practice. Open to all levels of fitness. 2:00 – 3:30pm. $20. Advanced registration required. Participant number is limited!!

Healing with Crystals

Are you fascinated with rocks, minerals, crystals and/or glass? Do you know that crystals run watches, lasers and computers? Have you ever been drawn to stone walls, houses or monuments? Do you collect beach or river rocks? Do certain gemstones seem to end up in your jewelry box? Crystal Healing is an art form that allows us to use the frequency of the crystals to balance and harmonize the energy centers of the body. With this knowledge, we are empowered to take control of dis-ease within our bodies and heal the underlying cause of the disturbance. Join us at Yoga4All to learn about the different aspects and play with the crystals.

Crystal Healing Level 1 Class: In this beginner’s class you will learn about the different natural configurations and facets of crystals and minerals. Each carries it’s own vibration and corresponds to certain conditions or issues. You will also learn how to use a pendulum to check the chakras and aura, and to choose crystals. You will learn why certain crystals are more attractive to you and which ones would be the most useful for a particular purpose. You will learn how to feel the energy field, yours and others and facilitate a connection. We will also have a guided meditation session (or two). This class will allow you to work on healing yourself. This class includes handouts and a pendulum.

Crystal Healing Level 2 Class: In this intermediate class you will learn how to begin working with clients. We will work on each other on tables, scanning the 7 layers of the aura, learning to discern tears or holes in the etheric webbing and tune in to the bodies energies. We will learn to choose the crystals for the layouts and how to intuitively place them according to the client’s needs. We will learn to ground energy, balance the chakras, move energy and remove blockages. We will ask questions and receive guidance. At the end of this class you will feel confident in working with the crystal energies to facilitate a healing. This class includes handouts and a 20% discount on any crystal purchases.

Crystal Healing Level 3 Class: In this class we will learn about and work with grids in depth. We will take many journeys and learn to induce each other and create deep healing sessions, on this plane and others. This is mainly an experiential class. There are no handouts as this knowledge is remembered and/or taught by our guides, Ascended Masters and the Archangels. As a bonus, bring in a heavy spoon and we will practice a little spoon-bending for fun at the end of the class.

Purchase 1 for $95, 2 for $180(save $10) and all three for $255 (save $30)
Workshops must be taken in order.
Discount offered on crystals to attendees.
Instructor: Barbra Woodin, CMT, RMT Call 603.361.0633 for more information

Yoga – A Therapeutic Series for Migraines

Join Heather Overton, eRYT200, RYT500 for a special class series that specifically targets migraines. Learn how to help alleviate the pain and stress from migraines with an intelligent yoga sequence. After class you will receive a copy of the sequence to help build your home practice. This special class will also include aromatherapy. 2:00 – 3:30pm $15. Advanced registration required, space is limited!!

For more information call Heather @ 727-480-3004

July 4th Yoga Class

Celebrate your freedom to be yourself with an invigorating yoga practice led by Heather Overton, eRYT200, RYT500. Let your organic self shine and open your heart. This multi-level class will be open to all levels of practice!

Cost is $15.

9:00am – 10:15 am

Contact Heather for more information at 727-480-3004 or drop in to take the class.

Tibetan Bowl Healing Sound Session

Book a healing sound session with Robert Austin, Sound Healer. With his Crystal & Tibetan bowls and Otto Tuner, Robert opens the door to healing for all levels of consciousness. Allow yourself to soar with the spirit through this unique and life affirming experience. Feel the healing vibrations of sounds that are not only soothing to your ears but also your soul.

Only 4 sessions available this day. $85 each.

Call Marty @ 727-392-9642 to make your appointment.

Is Acu Point Injection Therapy for You?

Do you have Back Pain, Bulging Disc, Knee Pain, Osteoarthritis, or Chronic Fatigue? Do you have a sports injury that won’t go away? If any of these problems are stopping you from being your best, then you may want to hear what Bio-Puncture can do for you. This treatment style, also called Acu Point Injection Therapy, was featured on Dr. Oz and is easier to get and benefit from than you may think. Come to a free talk on the subject by Stephen Dell-Jones, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Physician. Find out if this completely natural treatment method that works with your body’s healing mechanisms is an option for you. Treatments are easy, safe and no more complicated than getting a shot. Injections are completely drug free and also FDA approved. Treatment may be completely covered by some insurance plans. There is no charge for these events.

For more information or to register please call Dr. Stephen Dell-Jones at 727-385-9310.

Art of Adjustments for Yoga Teachers

Teachers learn how to adjust students safely with many forgotten techniques. Wanda Howe, eRYT500 shares her 27 years of experience about adjusting & assisting students in class. Nancy MacDonald, eRYT500 has studied with Wanda for many years bringing Wanda’s teachings into her classes. Learning these skills is an asset to your private sessions as well. Wanda & Nancy work with teacher requests on which poses you want to cover. Every session is different. 8 CEU live hours for Yoga Alliance Registered Teachers.

Sunday 8:30 – 12:30 AM ~ Standing & Inversions $50.
Sunday 1:30 – 5:30 PM ~ Seated, Twists & Savasana $50.
Both for $92.

For more information call Wanda 727-432-3018 or Nancy 727-542-0116

When You Just Can’t Fit Any More Into Your Life – a Restorative Workshop and Yoga Nidra

Join Nancy as she guides you in a healing and balancing practice of Restorative Yoga. Using blankets, bolsters, blocks and walls, your body will have the support it needs to relax and let go. The longer holds in these supportive poses allows time for the nervous system to reset and return the body and mind to a state of balance. A Yoga Nidra meditation ends this class. You must prepay by May 15th to reserve your space. This workshop fills early.

Limited Enrollment, for more information call Nancy MacDonald @ 727-542-0116