Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our yoga community for the past 22 years. We are no longer offering routine yoga classes in person. Watch for an occasional pop-up class or workshop with your favorite teacher when we can find a suitable location. If you are interested in a Private Yoga Therapy session, please call 727-392-9642. Our Serene Body Care professionals will continue with massage, Reiki, reflexology, acupuncture and other wellness services, offering you relaxation and relief from pain.

You must preregister for workshops using the links below.

Click on the teacher name below for more detailed information. To see the current in-studio class schedule at Yoga4All you may click here!

Monthly Workshops

Our workshop policy

24 hours prior to any workshop, payment must be made in full or notice of cancellation received for any refund/account credit consideration.

Contact the instructor or the studio directly to inquire. Workshops take a lot of preparation on the part of the instructor and some offer handouts or food. To help the instructors prepare and to encourage pre-registration, there is a $5 discount on all workshops purchased prior to the day of the event. Full price is charged the day of the event.

Late entry to workshops is not allowed If you do not arrive in the agreed upon time, you will still be charged for the workshop and any on-time student waiting for entry may take your place.

In the event you are unable to attend, with notice to us of at least 24 hours prior to the start of the class, workshop or professional appointment your account may be credited for your full purchase amount. This credit may be used toward any service or product through Serene Body Care / Yoga 4 All. Should an event be cancelled on our part, a full refund will be issued. Thank you for being part of our yoga4all community.