Yoga and Tai Chi COVID Class Protocol

The Yoga4All team has been busy at work preparing a thorough and robust plan for your return and we cannot wait to see you! There is a lot of information to share, but we want you to know that we are doing everything we can to protect you and our teachers. If you have a question that is not answered below, please email us at


  • Do not touch your face or facemask
  • Regular hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds should be done after sneezing, coughing, or nose blowing, after using the restroom.
  • If soap and water are not available, use a (60% min) alcohol-based hand
    sanitizer, which are placed throughout the studio.

Yoga4All teachers, staff and students must conduct health checks daily.  Do not come to yoga sick.

  • Do you have a fever?
  • Do you have respiratory symptoms?
  • If sick, seek care through your primary health provider.
  • If found to have Covid, all staff, teachers and students should immediately self-report and notify (727) 392-9642

What to Do Before Class

Please pre-register for every class as size will be limited due to social-distancing. Walk-Ins will not be allowed. Registering for a class means you agree you are taking a risk and accept personal responsibility for any and all risks associated with that activity. To register for a class in the studio, go to and click the “Studio Classes” tab. Scroll down and click the “Sign Up Now” button for the class you’d like to attend.

If you wish to cancel your in-studio class registration, it must be more than 12 hours in advance. If you cancel your reservation within 12 hours of class, you will be charged for that class. Cancellations are completed in the same manner the registration was made (online or via phone). Cancellations for virtual classes can be made up to the start of the class with no charges.

If you want to register for a class that is full, check the website closer to the class time as slots may become available if someone cancels their reservation.

What to Expect During Class

For your first visit, regardless of whether you ever have been to the studio, you are required to sign an updated liability waiver.

Bring your own props including mat and water.  No props or water will be available.

You must wear a clean mask when arriving at the studio.

Please stay by your vehicle until we open the studio door. No congregating outside the door please.

You will now be entering the yoga room directly from the door to that room, not through the lobby entrance.

Maintain a 6 ft distance as you enter. The doors will be propped open to minimize touching surfaces.

When invited into the room, give your name. Your instructor will verbally check you in.

Please wear easy to remove shoes and plan to take them off at the door and place in the area provided.  There will be no storage for personal items.  All personal items will be brought with you to your yoga mat.  Leave as much as you can in the trunk of your locked car.  There will be no lost and found.

Use the provided hand sanitizer immediately upon removing your shoes and before entering the practice area.

You will be directed to a designated mark on the yoga studio floor. Please center your mat over that mark. This placement will ensure a 6 ft distance. Masks are required the entire time you are in the studio.

The teacher’s mat will remain at the front of the room and they will not be leaving their mat space. This means that no hands-on adjustments will be allowed during this time. Should the teacher need to leave their mat (to adjust the music, etc.), the teacher will have their mask on to cross the room.

You may gather outside in the parking lot to socialize safely at 6 ft.

Class Size and Length

We will start our soft opening with a limited in-studio schedule. To honor the physical distancing recommendations, we will also be limiting class sizes. We ae limited the class size to 10 until we feel it is safe to allow more students.

We will also be limiting the length of classes to 60 minutes. Studies have shown that longer exposure does increase your risk, so at this time we will be making all classes one hour in length. Please confirm your class start and end time on our class schedule.

Wearing Masks

Teachers and students will wear clean masks at all times. We have made this choice because studies have shown that masks dramatically reduce the risk of exposure.  There will be moments where you are passing each other within 6ft in our common spaces, so we feel it is best to wear masks while in the studio.

Sneezing and Coughing in Class

We do want to be clear that you should use your mask if you feel the need to cough or sneeze, and that the teacher may remind you, if that is necessary. If you need to cough or sneeze repeatedly, we reserve the right to ask you to leave class. We understand that some people may simply have allergies, but during this time we must all act quickly and preventatively. We appreciate your understanding. Because of this policy, we ask that you not come to class if you are struggling with allergies that may cause you to cough or sneeze regularly and especially if you have not felt well in any way.

Physical Distancing

You will be able to maintain physical distancing outside the studio as you enter, during the sign in process, and during your class experience. That being said, there will be moments of passing each other within a 6ft distance. These moments should be brief as you are on your way in or out of the studio. We ask that you use the restroom before leaving home. Please respect social distancing when using the restrooms at the studio.


We will have hand sanitizer dispensers inside the studio space. There will be disinfectant wipes and/or spray in each studio space to sanitize your mat. To conserve resources, we ask that you arrive with a clean mat and only use one wipe to clean your mat after class. We encourage you to clean and sanitize your mat frequently, especially between classes.

In the bathroom, trash is by the exit to have the option of using your towel to touch
the handle as you exit.


We will continue to provide bolsters and blocks on an as-needed basis. The bolsters have been covered with a waterproof zippered covering. You are invited to bring a large pillowcase to go over our zippered covering for your personal comfort. Please leave the bolster and blocks in your practice spot so we can disinfect them. We encourage you to bring your own props and will continue our prop sale to help make that possible.

Community Mats Suspended

We will no longer be using community mats. Because of this, we ask that you bring your own mat to practice. We will have a small number of sanitized mats available for rent at the fee of $5 per class as we transition to this new policy. If you do not have a mat, we will be happy to help you pick out the perfect one for purchase in our used mat collection.

No Contact Payment

Please purchase classes online prior to coming to the studio. If you are willing to store your payment information, that will allow you to verbally give us permission to process a payment. Your information is not stored with us at Yoga4All. It is stored with our software system which is the number one system used for spas and fitness centers around the world and has extremely high safety standards (MindBody Online). You are also welcome to call the studio for assistance. If possible, we ask that any in-studio payment be via card rather than cash to minimize contact for you and our staff.

Cleaning Our Space

In addition to the wipes and hand sanitizer in every studio and common space, between classes the floors will be cleaned with disinfectant so that you are always entering a clean room. We will have a minimum of 30 minutes between each class to thoroughly prepare the space for you.