Tai Chi Tuesday/Thursday evenings 7:15 - 8:30pm starts 6/23/15
Kid and Parent Yoga (Ages 2-5) Sundays 10 am Starts 6/28/15

About Us

Marty Maddox opened Yoga4All in 1999. In the beginning, it was just Marty and Wanda Howe teaching yoga classes in 199 sq. ft. of space!  The goal was to offer more than you can find in a gym environment, by using bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps to help students accommodate their own bodies and special needs.  Marty wasn’t really interested in starting a business; she was just very passionate about yoga and that passion lead to what exists today.  Marty wanted to be a better yoga teacher so she went to massage school to learn about muscles and bones and how they all work together.  In 2002, an opportunity for a bigger studio space arose and, with the amazing support of family and friends, it came to be.  In 2005, the space south of the new studio became available, so Yoga4All expanded and Marty thought she was done!  Until 2009, when in the worst economy, another adjacent space opened up, creating the opportunity to expand into a complete wellness center.  After much thought and energy, Yoga4All as it exists today came into being. Marty feels extremely blessed every day when she walks into the studio!

Marty believes the synergy of the whole team of teachers and students is much more powerful than its individual parts.  Each one has an impact on the direction and success of the studio.  Everyone is in it together and often it’s an individual teacher’s desire to teach a new yoga class that helps the studio to expand.  Success comes from being passionate about what we do and the desire to help others enjoy life more.  Together we create a little slice of heaven in Seminole, FL.

Yoga4All offers a place where you can come and feel like you belong from the minute you walk in the door.  And when someone leaves with a smile on their face and a spring in their step, well, our mission is accomplished!