Healing with Crystals

Are you fascinated with rocks, minerals, crystals and/or glass? Do you know that crystals run watches, lasers and computers? Have you ever been drawn to stone walls, houses or monuments? Do you collect beach or river rocks? Do certain gemstones seem to end up in your jewelry box? Crystal Healing is an art form that allows us to use the frequency of the crystals to balance and harmonize the energy centers of the body. With this knowledge, we are empowered to take control of dis-ease within our bodies and heal the underlying cause of the disturbance. Join us at Yoga4All to learn about the different aspects and play with the crystals.

Crystal Healing Level 1 Class: In this beginner’s class you will learn about the different natural configurations and facets of crystals and minerals. Each carries it’s own vibration and corresponds to certain conditions or issues. You will also learn how to use a pendulum to check the chakras and aura, and to choose crystals. You will learn why certain crystals are more attractive to you and which ones would be the most useful for a particular purpose. You will learn how to feel the energy field, yours and others and facilitate a connection. We will also have a guided meditation session (or two). This class will allow you to work on healing yourself. This class includes handouts and a pendulum.

Crystal Healing Level 2 Class: In this intermediate class you will learn how to begin working with clients. We will work on each other on tables, scanning the 7 layers of the aura, learning to discern tears or holes in the etheric webbing and tune in to the bodies energies. We will learn to choose the crystals for the layouts and how to intuitively place them according to the client’s needs. We will learn to ground energy, balance the chakras, move energy and remove blockages. We will ask questions and receive guidance. At the end of this class you will feel confident in working with the crystal energies to facilitate a healing. This class includes handouts and a 20% discount on any crystal purchases.

Crystal Healing Level 3 Class: In this class we will learn about and work with grids in depth. We will take many journeys and learn to induce each other and create deep healing sessions, on this plane and others. This is mainly an experiential class. There are no handouts as this knowledge is remembered and/or taught by our guides, Ascended Masters and the Archangels. As a bonus, bring in a heavy spoon and we will practice a little spoon-bending for fun at the end of the class.

Purchase 1 for $95, 2 for $180(save $10) and all three for $255 (save $30)
Workshops must be taken in order.
Discount offered on crystals to attendees.
Instructor: Barbra Woodin, CMT, RMT Call 603.361.0633 for more information