Studio Class Schedule

There is no pre-registration required for regular classes at Yoga4All.  Your class passes give you access to all of our classes. We do ask you to please arrive on time with no perfumes or heavy scents. Students more than 10 minutes late will not be allowed into class out of courtesy for the other students. Students must be over the age of 12 to attend our regular classes. Any student under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for class attendance.  Click on the class or teacher name below for more detailed information. To see the current workshop schedule at Yoga4All you may click here!

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Our class policy
There is no pre-registration required for regular classes at Yoga4All. Your class passes give you access to all of our classes. Please choose an appropriate class level for your ability; ultimately you are responsible for maintaining your personal safety. If you are unsure about the class level, fee free to call the instructor directly to inquire. At Yoga4All, we believe you should never feel pressured to do any activity that feels uncomfortable to you. The practice of yoga at Yoga4All is not about competition with others or what you may have been capable of in your past. It is about being in the moment, developing awareness of your current level of abilities and leaving the outside world … outside. If you have any questions, all instructors will be able to help you decide the best class for you. You may also call the studio 727-392-9642 and ask for guidance. Please arrive on time and be settled on your mat as soon as possible. We request you wear no perfumes or heavy scents, leave any noisy jewelry at home and turn your cell phones off upon entering the classroom. We offer a discount on your passes the first time you attend a class at Yoga4All and our studio policy is no refunds on purchases.

We understand that traffic may sometimes delay your arrival time, so we allow students to enter into a class only up to 10 minutes after the start time for your safety and courtesy to the other students. Please refer to the FAQ for more details. Click on the class title or teacher name for more detailed information.