Yoga4All Class Schedule

We are proud to offer Virtual Classes for your convenience with unlimited capacity.
There will be no classes for the month of July 2023. Virtual Meditation will resume in August 2023. See our virtual schedule here!

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our yoga community for the past 23 years. Yoga4All remains a healing oasis in Pinellas County. We have refocused our class offerings to include virtual spiritual wellness and meditation offerings.

Some of the benefits of taking virtual yoga classes include:

Efficient – You can roll out of bed and onto your mat! No fighting traffic. No arriving early to save your favorite spot. Two minutes before class, just roll out your mat and you’re good to go!
Travel-friendly – Take your favorite Y4A teachers wherever you go! Whether in a hotel room for a business trip or in a far-away vacation resort, you can still practice with us. Plus, your long-distance friends and family can practice with you, too – set a regular yoga date with your loved ones!
Private – You can practice completely incognito if you turn your camera off. This promotes a sense of inward focus as opposed to feeling in competition with other people and no comparisons with your neighbors. It’s just you exploring the movements of your body and your breath.
Cost-Effective – By not paying for gas or stopping for an iced coffee on the way home, you’ll be saving money!
Pet-friendly – Your furry and feathered friends are welcome (and encouraged) to join you in your practice. Snuggle up in savasana with your pup or sit in meditation with your cat!
Personalized – You know how the studio was either too hot or too cold? You can set up your practice space however you’d like. Temperature, music, clothing, aromatherapy, props – make it perfect for you! Plus, with your microphone off, you can cheer (or whine) as much as you want!
Connections – Practicing at home encourages a home practice! You’ll probably be more motivated to practice on your own, since your set up is right there waiting for you. And connecting with your teacher and fellow students is still possible through pre- and post-class chats, discussions and questions during class.
Unlimited savasana – Once you hit the mat for savasana, you can stay as long as you want! No one will ask you to leave because they need to shut the studio. You can rest and meditate as long as you’d like.

You must preregister for a class before attending. See the class schedule and registration link below.


Your studio class passes give you access to our virtual meditation classes. We do ask you to please log in on time. As an added bonus, we email the link of the class recording to you and it is available for you to use up to 7 days after the class. To see the current workshop schedule at Yoga4All you may click here!

Join us for a meditation class!!

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