Restorative Acu-Yoga Seminar

The practices of acupuncture and restorative yoga are two of the most healing gifts from two ancient cultures, China and India. Combined together, the fusion of these modalities free up stagnant energies within the physical, emotional, and mental bodies and bring the body mind and spirit to a place of health and balance. Join Dr. Stone for this healing, opening experience. No prior acupuncture or yoga experience is necessary. Susan will meet with you individually for a brief history and consent prior to the workshop. Non-needle acupuncture and magnets will be used. Limited to 10 participants. Pre-registration required. No refunds 24 hours prior to event. Late registration and walk-in permitted on a space available basis only with instructor permission.

Limited to 10 students. Must prepay by March 1st to guarantee your place.

11:11:11 Celebration

11-11-11 Celebration! Where are you celebrating 11-11-11? Come celebrate with us as we welcome the start of the Age of Aquarius. On this date a major energetic shift will officially take us into a new age of consciousness. Join Lisa Recchione, MA, RYT, KR1 and learn more about the coming age. You will practice yoga, do 11 meditations and celebrate with the gong and music. Light dinner, snacks and desert will be served. Wear loose comfortable clothes. We kindly ask you to pre-register and pay to ensure your space. Please call Lisa Recchione, eRYT, MA, KR1 727-595-6036 or email her at, walk-ins welcome depending on availability.

Click the image to view the 11:11:11 Celebration Flyer

What is Karma

What is karma and what does it have to do with me?
Karma means cause and effect, action and reaction. We reap what we sow, creating our future by our actions. This means past-life relationships, decisions, talents, and events all have an impact on the present life.

Why explore past lives?
Past life recall makes it easier to understand difficult events and mysteries about your current life. Example: you’re overweight and can’t stop overeating. During a past-life regression you discover you starved to death in a former life, which gives you insight about why you feel compelled to overeat now.

Can I change my karma?
It’s up to you. Once we’re aware of issues that block our happiness, we have the free will to decide to change. Many emotional problems and conflicts are resolved by past life recall when we discover and release old beliefs and behaviors that are no longer beneficial.

What happens during the workshop?
First a lecture, discussion and time for questions. Then using meditation and guided imagery the group will gently be guided into a focused, restful state. In your own mind’s eye, you’ll explore several past lifetimes, bringing the memories into your conscious awareness. You’ll learn the purpose of each lifetime, the lessons learned, decisions made and examine them from a higher, spiritual perspective, with emphasis on how they relates to the present life. At the end of each exploration you’ll have time to write in your notebook. Sharing is optional.

Is the workshop right for me?
This workshop is not suitable if this concept contradicts strongly held beliefs or for those who have unresolved or are in therapy for severe traumatic events in this life.

Can I prove my past lives really existed?
Trying to prove past lives through logic is like trying to prove that we dream each night. Some dreams are very real and yet we cannot “prove” that we ever had them! As my teacher Dick Sutphen used to say “It’s absolutely true unless it’s not!” What really matters is if the past life information received helps you in this life.

Can everyone recall a past life?
Any intelligent person with the ability to concentrate can recall a past-life. Most people will recover past life information without difficulty. Rarely past lives are not remembered. Instead, a memory from early childhood related to the issue or current life situations are brought to the surface.

How do I prepare?
Approach with an open mind, not expecting anything in particular. If you “just know” you were once the Queen of Egypt, this notion might get in the way of more relevant past life memories. Use the workshop questionnaire to help define specific issues you wish to explore.