Restorative Acu-Yoga Seminar

The practices of acupuncture and restorative yoga are two of the most healing gifts from two ancient cultures, China and India. Combined together, the fusion of these modalities free up stagnant energies within the physical, emotional, and mental bodies and bring the body mind and spirit to a place of health and balance. Join Dr. Stone for this healing, opening experience. No prior acupuncture or yoga experience is necessary. Susan will meet with you individually for a brief history and consent prior to the workshop. Non-needle acupuncture and magnets will be used. Limited to 10 participants. Pre-registration required. No refunds 24 hours prior to event. Late registration and walk-in permitted on a space available basis only with instructor permission.

Limited to 10 students. Must prepay by March 1st to guarantee your place.

Unwinding Your Neck and Shoulders

Presented by
Wanda Howe, E-RYT 500

The practice of yoga is designed to melt the outer armoring and increase the range of motion to unburden the physical and psychological weight that we carry. This workshop is designed to bring balance to the neck and shoulder region. Learn techniques to unravel stress and over-worked muscles of your shoulders and neck; and bring more support and strength to the upper body. Complete the practice with a restorative, relaxing savasana. Experienced beginners to advanced students welcome.

Renew Your Yoga Practice

Has stress, injury or simple change in circumstances, pulled you away from your mat? Begin your spring & summer by returning home to your practice & explore not only structure/alignment in the yoga asana, but how to use the sensation of the breath to awaken the deeper energy body as well. We will also work on posture sequencing. All levels of students are welcome.

Yoga for Low Backs and Hips

Yoga is a living science, one that has evolved over thousands of years. The beauty of this ancient tradition is that it changes every time you come to your mat. The focus in this workshop will be to balance strength and flexibility in the low back and hips. We will work with techniques to alleviate low back compression and tightness in the hips. All levels welcome.

Click the image to view the Yoga for Low Back and Hips flyer

Yoga – A Therapeutic Series for Migraines

Join Heather Overton, eRYT200, RYT500 for a special class series that specifically targets migraines. Learn how to help alleviate the pain and stress from migraines with an intelligent yoga sequence. After class you will receive a copy of the sequence to help build your home practice. This special class will also include aromatherapy. 2:00 – 3:30pm $15. Advanced registration required, space is limited!!

For more information call Heather @ 727-480-3004

Yoga for Osteoporosis, Osteopenia and Prevention

Discover the yogic path to healthy bones. You will receive a handout for a bone health yoga practice for prevention of Osteoporosis and also shows modifications if you have Osteoporosis or Osteopenia. Learn how to work safely in other classes the Do’s and Don’ts according to Dr. Loren Fishman, a leading Iyengar trained teacher, to help keep you strong and healthy. To keep a strong spine join Nancy for this educational workshop. Open to all.

For more information call Nancy MacDonald @ 727-542-0116

Easy Yoga and Stretch for Back Pain

Gentle stretches with breath and meditation building up to strengthening postures, using props as needed for proper alignment. This class offers a balanced practice and finishes with a crystal bowl meditation. No experience required.

Contact Heather for more information at 727-480-3004

Fit Yoga Club

Fit Yoga!! With Heather Overton, Experienced Personal Trainer, eRYT200, RYT500. Build your fitness family and get results today!! Class includes full body workout, active yoga and savasana.

Contact Heather 727-480-3004 or email

Yoga for Kids and Parents

Yoga for Kids and Parents
Ages 6-12

Introduce you and your kids to yoga.. You will practice fun-filled yoga poses and breathing exercises to promote

  • Physical strength and flexibility
  • Inner strength and body awareness
  • A feeling of well-being and respect for others
  • Relaxation and self-control

Yoga is a discipline that can lead kids (young or old) on the path toward a calm and balanced mind, as well as help them build a strong and flexible body – tools they can use in their everyday lives. One of the hardest things for kids to learn is how to settle their minds to the task at hand. Our Yoga for Kids and Parents uses traditional Yogic techniques made easy and fun, yet starts you both on the path of self-discovery.

Laughter Yoga