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Why Do You Practice Yoga?

Why do you practice yoga?
Not in a “why do people practice yoga” way, but rather in a personal examination: Why do YOU practice yoga?
Out of all the many activities you can do in your free time, why choose yoga?
What drew you to try yoga originally? Does that same reason still apply?
What do you hope to get out of the practice, if anything?
If you’ve been practicing yoga for a while, has your intent changed from when you first stepped foot on the mat?
What is it about your practice that keeps you coming back?
We invite you to use these questions to clarify your intention(s) and goals of yoga for you, at this moment in time. Of course, each day may bring different answers. But through regular examination, you can adjust and accommodate your practice to bring the most benefit to your life, physically and mentally (and beyond). Maybe you are ready to mix it up in a new class or with a different teacher? Perhaps you are needing to add more meditation – or more movement – to your practice.
You may also consider applying these same questions to other activities you do regularly, to clarify why you are spending your time, energy, money, and attention on those pursuits.
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