Balance in Bliss

We all have poses that we feel strong in and poses that we experience a feeling of flexibility. But how often are you aware of the subtle “tug-of-war” that goes on within each pose between power and release?
Injuries can occur if you simply push your stretching further and further and neglect to balance that with the strength to support it. Or, if you are very strong but lack the flexibility to functionally move, you can also get hurt. This is especially obvious when we explore the hamstrings. “If your hamstrings don’t have a lot of motion, gaining flexibility can help keep your knees, hips, and legs healthy. If your hamstrings are hyperlax, controlling their range of motion will also help you stay injury free.” (link)
The entire yoga practice is based on the idea of union and balance, between rising up and rooting down, between inhale and exhale, between power and surrender, between length and strength. Every class and workshop at Y4A strives to provide the most balanced practice, designed for everyone to leave feeling refreshed, stronger, and more limber.
Explore more about the physiology of yoga, the science behind the practice, and the peaceful power that yoga cultivates in our studio and online classes, Y4A’s unique workshops, and on our Facebook page.

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